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  1. I have been a bit under the weather lately and it takes time to come up with good ways to work around the horribly slow PQS system. It seams like I have to implement some sort of persistent cache to get it to run relatively smooth.
  2. That is something i also want to try out. If you stick varnish or squid in front of it then it might be usable. You can still set the framerate in the config file but the map quality will suffer, it gives you lower resolution tiles if it takes too long. I am working on trying to improve the framerate by caching the PQS data or deliver multiple in game frames for each tile.
  3. Can you try the new version. I added a configuration option that allows you to change the listening parameters.
  4. Hmm, I suspect the HttpListener class works different on different systems. On my Linux it listens on all interfaces, that may be a Mono bug though. I did look at that code before, but writing your own http server when there is one included in the runtime is just silly and a waste of time in my opinion. What Telemacus does is it lets the connection be configured by an external configuration file. There is a configuration system for plugins in KSP already. There are several other places I have just put arbitrary numbers that should be configurable.
  5. I did not think of this, and I do not have two computers with graphical interfaces to test this. Could you test if removing all the "http://localhost:8080" strings from the index.html file included helps?
  6. Well, it is working and is quite a treat. However it needs a lot of polish and testing before I dare call it version 1.0. I am already using it to find biomes.
  7. If you have seen then you have a pretty good idea of what I am trying to do. This plugin will setup your own tile server inside your game. This allows you to get better resolution, newer maps and better plugin integration. Download v1.0-alpha2 The plugin is not done quite yet and requires lots of work to be fully working. I am releasing it because it is in a state where it will be useful and I am requesting help. What needs to be done: Data from the PQS system needs to be cached to improve performance More layers to show more interesting things Testing with mods that modify the world Front end needs some tweeks so that it does not look like it is made by someone who don't know JavaScript (me) Need to show more information about the flights around the body Other projections including polar projections Layers for resources added by plugins like Kethane Changelog: 1.0-alpha2: Add configuration Allow for directories in the http file requests and move the files to the www directory Add simple body selector 1.0-alpha1: Initial commit If you want to help out read the source code is available at BSD license as always.
  8. I have not gotten that far yet. The code currently requires recompilation for every image I create. But I am working on great stuff here. I plan to release all the source code for this so that it is not lost.
  9. Getting tired of waiting for this. I have started my own project. Have gotten to the point of having High-rez composite maps including biomes. If Saik0 wants some help/help me then I would be very happy.
  10. No you can not. I do not see any way of assigning random names with Crew Manifest. The main motivation for making this plugin is just messing about with making KSP plugins.
  11. Simple plugin that replaces the names of the kerbals applicants with names of real world space travellers. (No relation between names and stupidity/courage). Download version 1.0.rc1 Source code Screen shot: The names comes from wikipedia and is read from an embedded file. If you do not like the list of names it is easy to replace the file with another one. Make sure each name is separated by a newline. There is currently a bug with the GUI in the astronaut complex not updating when the list of applicants update. This is visible the first time you go into the complex and the kerbal names gets displayed even if they have gotten new ones. This is resolved if you exit to the space centre and enters again. The license is a variant of the BSD-license and is very permissive. Suggestions is welcome, especially if they include a patch.