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  1. Was putzing again with ship design. Decided to make a Star Wars inspired ship (can you guess which one?) Balance is almost there. Not sure of the uses, can hold a pilot and 2 crew. Also has a probe core and a lot of Vernor for horizontal landing on the Mun or Minmus. 4500 Dv Vac fully fueled.
  2. Took a break from my career game to test some crafts out. First was my Science ship, handled okay but still feel I can sneak some sort of lander onto this. 5830 Dv in Vac, fully fueled Next one was a lot of fun, my own take on the Planet Express Handles nice and can carry a bunch of Kerbals GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! We're going to the Mun! 3870 Dv in Vac, fully fueled. Last I was just messing around with some sort of personal transport. I donno what exactly, I just dig the design. But it can land on the Mun and get back just fine. Just take that landing slow. 4500 Dv in Vac, fully fueled
  3. Considering the game's first public release version 0.7.3, was on 24 June 2011, it's already had a long run (granted that was also early release). But compare it to Skyrim which was released November of 2011 (granted they've had a lot more DLC to offer, and it's got a series behind it) they are both games with a lot of momentum behind them. But overall I believe KSP will stay alive for awhile, hell another 8-15 years between Mods, possible DLC, and just a good fan base. Or maybe I'm wrong, it is past my bedtime and I'm sleepy.
  4. @woeller Dig the engineering. I've been trying my hand at this unsuccessfully. Feel free to share the craft file for us silly beings who can't seem to get this down.
  5. Tested my Minmus miner/refueler "Comstock" that will resupply Jack Station. Few changes needed. Takes 4 days to mine and fill up but I bring back a full S4-512 fuel tank (256 tons of fuel). To get there, do work, and get back to Jack Station Takes about 21 days total. Donno why but that feels long to me. Oh well.
  6. @djr5899 do you have docking port alignment indicator mod or the dependent mods (Module manager and RasterProp Monitor) installed? Had the same issue, uninstalled all, and it worked. Did some research and Module manager updated about an hour ago, reinstalled those mods, and it fixed the problem.
  7. Revived an idea for a big mother ship, based on a Minmus re-fueler idea. Test launch to prove I can get it into orbit. From LKO it would hit Minmus to refuel, then could go to duna and whatnot. Wasn't what i was going for so I went back to the drawing board, but still happy i was able to get it into orbit.
  8. Stealing an idea i saw in the open source construction thread. Putzing around with a heavy lifter design, still very rough ideas. I hate not having large stock landing legs. But the mk3 cargo ramp had impact tolerance of 50m/s. And it creates a nice wide base. I've also seen builders put in the drills and engines into them too.
  9. I literally learned that the other day. Update 1.2 happened when I was on some other game (Fallout 4, Skyrim, god knows what) so I missed the cross talk. Oh well, happy times ahead. Can't wait for the school bus full of Kerbals to Duna just for experience to be an in and out thing.
  10. Worked on my Mun/Minmus hopper. Used to take new Kerbals from Jack Station in LKO to Mun/Min, and back to the fueling station. This version has 1 pilot and 8 passengers. Working on one for Duna that has 16 passengers. *Edit because words*
  11. Back into KSP after a long hiatus (Some Skyrim and Fallout 4 time there). Just did a test run to get my fueling station into orbit on my test save (test save is sandbox where I can try my ideas out so I don't accidentally kill all my Kerbals.) This is Jack Station, holding orbit at about 200K. Mainly used for refueling. Capable of holding over 1,000 metric tons of fuel (LF 460,800kg/OX 563,200kg). Plans for adding more comms attachments, a docking node with smaller docking ports (all the current ones are senior) as well as a rescue module to get Kerbals in LKO as well as Minmus and the Mun. Has the viewing cupola and hitchhikers can for Kerbals to chill, and a science lab for work. Got into orbit surprisingly well, and turns fairly easy, even without RCS. Main idea was to hold a lot of fuel with few parts, and have easy access regardless of which side you approach. Comments welcomed.
  12. Awesome idea! Totally going to play with that. I agree, it'd be nice if it could open wider. But hey, 50m/s impact tolerance is something to make use of.
  13. Racking my brain for an effective way to refuel the staton in LKO. First I thought send up a Minmus mining craft. This one goes up almost empty, lifter gets it to LKO (lifter is recoverable). Scoots off to Minmus, mines, coverts, fills up with fuel, then heads back to the station to either sit and fuel others or dump the fuel in a tank, then has enough dV to return and land on Minmus, rinse, repeat. and without lifter... But then I thought, I want that fuel time meow. And I love launching rockets, so why not just launch a probe fuel cell with a recoverable lifter? Also, bonus if it lands it near/at the space center, send out a mining rig on wheels to refuel them, recover at almost entire cost. Lifter gets it LKO, it gets to the station on its own power, stays till allotted fuel is gone (large center tank), then returns using its own reserve (smaller top tank). Has parachutes and air brakes. Still working on the lifter. Might steal an idea off kerbalX Thoughts/comments? What would Jesus Jebediah do?
  14. Trying to make an exploring ship that looks like the ship Raza from "Dark Matter" Finally got it to look sorta the way I want and best of all, I made it a SSTO (Which I was never really good at making) with a stable 80k orbit with just over 200dv left to dock and refuel. Now to tweak the RCS and reaction wheels and lights...I'm happy. Sadly no shuttle bay and marauder. The Raza from the show "Dark Matter"
  15. Made an attempt at my own version of the Raza from the show "Dark Matter" Actually turned out to be a rocket SSTO with 650 dv left after achieving a 80k orbit Has aerospikes under the forward thrusting engines for a vertical lift. Wish I could make it look bulkier but then the weight gets thrown off with the fuel drain. Original has transitional engines, but I'm trying to keep it all stock. My first idea, I like the look and the shuttle bay in the rear but the fuel drain made it unstable. Also this had RCS and reaction wheels all set, the other is still WIP.