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  1. Awesome idea! Totally going to play with that. I agree, it'd be nice if it could open wider. But hey, 50m/s impact tolerance is something to make use of.
  2. Racking my brain for an effective way to refuel the staton in LKO. First I thought send up a Minmus mining craft. This one goes up almost empty, lifter gets it to LKO (lifter is recoverable). Scoots off to Minmus, mines, coverts, fills up with fuel, then heads back to the station to either sit and fuel others or dump the fuel in a tank, then has enough dV to return and land on Minmus, rinse, repeat. and without lifter... But then I thought, I want that fuel time meow. And I love launching rockets, so why not just launch a probe fuel cell with a recoverable lifter? Also, bonus if it lands it near/at the space center, send out a mining rig on wheels to refuel them, recover at almost entire cost. Lifter gets it LKO, it gets to the station on its own power, stays till allotted fuel is gone (large center tank), then returns using its own reserve (smaller top tank). Has parachutes and air brakes. Still working on the lifter. Might steal an idea off kerbalX Thoughts/comments? What would Jesus Jebediah do?
  3. Trying to make an exploring ship that looks like the ship Raza from "Dark Matter" Finally got it to look sorta the way I want and best of all, I made it a SSTO (Which I was never really good at making) with a stable 80k orbit with just over 200dv left to dock and refuel. Now to tweak the RCS and reaction wheels and lights...I'm happy. Sadly no shuttle bay and marauder. The Raza from the show "Dark Matter"
  4. Made an attempt at my own version of the Raza from the show "Dark Matter" Actually turned out to be a rocket SSTO with 650 dv left after achieving a 80k orbit Has aerospikes under the forward thrusting engines for a vertical lift. Wish I could make it look bulkier but then the weight gets thrown off with the fuel drain. Original has transitional engines, but I'm trying to keep it all stock. My first idea, I like the look and the shuttle bay in the rear but the fuel drain made it unstable. Also this had RCS and reaction wheels all set, the other is still WIP.
  5. Conducted a manned Moho mission for science, for contracts, and for fun. Lander stolen inspired by @exbyde's cheap 12 kerbal mun lander design.
  6. Looks great. Big fan of your B.O.B. creation, made a fueler modeled after it (Gas Monkey), and now with the small ISRU I'm working on a small model for exploring. Still WIP, but its coming along.
  7. Great video. Entertaining and informative.
  8. Made this super maneuverable aircraft. Turns on a dime.
  9. Just how did you build it so the wings stay together? I was trying this earlier and mine just feel apart. awesome design.
  10. Looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out after work tonight.
  11. Thanks! I toyed with about ever engine and finally said screw it, it'll be a 2 stage system. I just wanted better fuel consumption in space but needed the thrust for lift off. Didnt want to drag around a 15 ton engine for nothing. Yours is still a better explorer. Mine is just to gas up the other ships.
  12. Finally got my new refueler going. Its based on astrobond's B.O.B. design. (So lots of cred to him). It uses a recoverable lift portion, (well mostly, I didn't have enough fuel to slow it down and lost the mainsails) and poodles to move it around in space. Can make it to minmus, takes about 60 days to mine and refuel at a low concentration spot (less at a good spot), and can get back to kerbin LKO with about 4300dv. At Launch Named it Gas Monkey Lifting stage on its way back down. 3 chutes to slow it down to about 45m/s and a little fuel once your close to the ground (or ocean in my case) Coming down to Minmus Landed Mining It has 2 cargo bays facing opposite sides so the big solar panels can get sun from all sides Also has all 3 sized docking ports, the smallest tucked away in the cargo so it is a tight fit to dock. Finally resting at an 84ish orbit Also has the ability to carry 4 passengers for crew exchanges.
  13. LOL, yeah just maybe. I'm trying to adapt your idea into an all in one fueler/refinery ship that can go to minmus and back to kerbin LKO to fuel ships. I have a few already but they have multiple engines (vertical and horizontal) and I like your simpler design with one engine, but I'd like to try something with better fuel consumption since most of the travel will be in space. I'm thinking aerospikes. Good to get off the planet and not a terrible burn in space.
  14. Do you find that you have enough power to continually drill and process the ore? or is it a drill then refine kind of method?
  15. Tweaked PIP a little, got over a 100k orbit with over 800dv left. Happy with my little ship. - - - Updated - - - Astrobond, can you upload the craft file? I'd love to take a look at it. Been following your B.O.B. post, and they're pretty cool. Love the rocket SSTO.