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  1. missing apollo drouge and main chute, were can i get them?
  2. What happened to helldiver and the new X series, I don't want to Dl the OG files and add a bunch of fixes just to play with it. Was wondering if he was still developing the new shuttle series that's all.
  3. The content they are offering, compared to other games DLC content, By all means does this or any of my statements mean I'm not buying it, I'm a kerbal junkie OF COURSE I'm buying it.
  4. KSP finally succumbed to the DLC virus. From what I've just read content isn't worth more than $9.99, comparing to other DLC's
  5. Why april, why not just 2013, Kinda makes me mad, made my purchase Dec. 2013. Edit: nice one on the word change. wouldn't want any of our resident children seeing any curse words. HAHA
  6. I feel like a 15 y\o giddy school girl, I can't wait, PS Helldiver needs to be part of the KSP team IMHO.
  7. I can not wait! Will helldiver be streaming work on twitch again? Would love to watch.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing Fallout 4 at 1440p and am curious how high the settings I can have and still run smoothly. It should be a stunning picture. O SEW JELLY! I can't upgrade my pc until February, but my current one will run it. I gotta say I' been in the wastelands since vault 13 and the water chip, I didn't wait My inner kid said (I WAN'T IT NOW DADDY!) C&TCF quote there, so I blindly bought it. In all actuality when I seen him step into power armor I clicked buy now.
  9. Sadly my space program will be going offline in two weeks, due to a nuclear apocalypse that I must save Boston from. Will any others be exploring the nuclear wastelands of Boston?
  10. Yea, that's a good point, with switch to U5 that probably would be best to wait on.
  11. With all these patches and forum user fixes I'm starting to wonder if the KSO system is on it's way to the grave, I hope not!
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