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Found 6 results

  1. I like to deorbit my debris using a craft that has an AGU attached. A few versions back, I had no issues with this. But now targeting debris targets the root part of the debris, not the COM, and once the klaw is attached, I can't target the COM, like I can when attached to an asteroid. Am I missing something? Or is there a workaround? I'd gladly install (or even write, if I knew where to start) a plugin that adds the "target COM" ability to the right click menu, or changes the game's targeting behaviour to target vessels' COM by default, or treats debris as a singular part that forces COM to be targeted. Does anyone have suggestions for this issue?
  2. You know those contracts that ask you to rescue some random kerbal in orbit? I love those since you get an extra free kerbal. The classic way is to just your ship close to it and then have the kerbal EVA onto your ship. That works fine. But I suck at using the jetpack and i can't control it. Ever since I unlocked the AGU and started with asteroid missions, I had this idea to use the AGU to grab the stranded kerbal's ship and then do a crew transfer. Now 1 (actual) year later, I decided to make the plan work. I was completing one of those grab-an-astroid-and-land-it-on-kerbin contracts. The way I do it is to use the engine of the grabber ship to fire at the asteroid and make it reenter by it self and "land". The grabber ship is still in orbit and I was planning on getting it back to Kerbin when I saw the rescue contract. So used asteroid ship and got it close to the stranded kerbal. Then I pointed the ship in the right way and used the claw to grab the stranded kerbal's ship. Then I tried to do a crew transfer, but then I realized that I didn't carry an extra cockpit, so I launched another rocket, but this one did not carry an extra seat, but a monster heat shield and some extra parachutes. I attracted the the heat shield and parachutes to the first craft using another AGU. then burned retrograde But since I sort of chipped the heat shield into the bottom of the engine, I couldn't stage it. So I ended up reentry with extra parts. After I deployed the parachutes, I tried to jettison the heat shield, but since it chipped into the engine, it didn't move. So I land pretty hard and destroyed the heat shield, but hey, I had the engine and the rescued kerbal.
  3. I am planning to grab a spaceship with the AGU (advanced grabbing unit, the klaw). I want to know if it can transfer crew. Might be a useful docking port.
  4. As you can see in the screen shots, fuel transfer works within the same vessel but not through the Advance Grabbing Unit.
  5. KSP 1.2 gave me a campaign contract to recover a part from the surface of Minmus. I lowered the orbit of my survey scanner probe until I could get a visual on the part, and discovered that it is a RoveMax Model XL3 large rover wheel. My retrieval spacecraft reached the site, and is more than adequate to the task, but hours of trying to grab the object resulted in no joy. I built a test-rig on Kerbin, which dropped RoveMax XL3 large rover wheels onto a platform of dozens of advanced grabbing units, and they always come to rest on top of multiple AGUs, sometimes even bouncing around on top of the AGU's, but none have ever been grabbed, not once. The experiments lead me to believe that this part can not be grabbed by an AGU. I searched around the forums and web, but didn't find any information on this topic. If the part in question can't be grabbed and it's supposed to be that way, then the game shouldn't offer contracts for that specific part to be retrieved. I suppose it's possible to make a "scoop and hook" craft to take the wheel up to orbit, but I wouldn't be able to use any time compression for the whole mission back to Kerbin's surface. Has anyone else encountered this? Is it possible to grab the rover wheel with an AGU? Any suggestions or solutions are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I'm trying to build a forklift/platform lift using the Klaw and the Infernal Robotics actuators. But regardless of where it is mounted, if the frame that the klaw is mounted to moves upwards, the klaw resists and deforms the frame.
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