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Found 2 results

  1. This is the SPS engine for the Apollo Service Module. It looks like they took the ant engine model and blew it up until the bell is the right size, but the top part is so large that my service module sits inside it, rather than the other way around. Has anyone else seen this? Could someone suggest a way to replace the model with one from an existing engine that's approximately the right shape?
  2. I'm still experiencing the issue of single plane gimble motion (Pitch only - no Yaw) with the the AJ10-137. I've just reinstalled a complete new KSP installation via CKAN and... yup, still there... OSX user here. Mod list below... Any clues? @NathanKell you may not be the perfect person to ask, but you may know who should be the person to be asked ;-) Many thanks in advance!
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