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Found 1 result

  1. My Brother and I have an idea to make a rocket that will beat all other armature rockets. and since we play KSP we will be doing it the hard way yes a feat no other person will beat. we will go to orbit. quote " not because it is easy but because it its hard and that goal is one we are willing to accept and one we are unwilling to postpone." so assuming that I live in the Oconee County Region of South Carolina and have a shop will all of the (necessary tools with in reason) to build this rocket. I want to use a liquid fuel and an oxidizer as the first stage. then solid rocket fuel will be next since it is easy to ignite like the explore 1 probe.. payload will be a camera, G.P.S unit, radio transmitter, and some other goodies. now I know that there are some aspects that KSP doesn't teach like rocket plumbing, reaction wheels, etc. I am the senior rocket scientist on this project and my brother will help out in ways he can be useful like helping me do all the work. and to think this is a crazy idea I am trying to keep cost a minimum by using high grade aluminum alloys that I will make my self from soda cans. yes soda cans. from there I can melt them down add copper, zinc, and magnesium, to make a high grade Al 7075-T651 alloy. this may take a long time. now for thermal protection. I have no idea how hot it will get and the only high durable heat resistant material I have Is steel. remotely controlling our craft is another thing unless orbital decay but we have to dual coat the heat shield and have all of the components in a ball and coat it and have a heat shielding coat on it and a parachute recovery system. but I would like a controlled recovery system. preferably a splash down with floats. I will post more later
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