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  1. UNSC T&D craft collection Story Line: In the early 0015y, the Kerbal Space Center received a surprise attack from an unknown armed force. For the first time they know not everyone on this planet enjoy peace. In lack of preparations, KSC's facility was half destoryed which cause serious financial problems (not enough √F to repair all the buildings). After they recovered, the central command decided to establish a rapid reaction force in order to avoid being threatened again. Fight for peace, Even before the war started ——17th AAD Capt. Shepheard.F.Kermen *Forget about the stupid words upside Here, I will present you my crafts in KSP. Some of them are replica of real world ones, comics or form other games, others are my own design. Also, I'll show some useful skills while building crafts and share some mods I prefer. Whatever, have fun This is a short film I made in 1.0.4, you can see some of my crafts in it. (*turn the volume to maximum first) Real world replica My Fighter Jets My bomber/attacker & transport plane Ground vehicles & naval ships
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