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Found 1 result

  1. Hey y'all. I been trying to get a lot of mods, mostly parts packs-such as SXT, tantares, SSTU, KerbalKonstructs & kerbinside, and it not work. I'm running ksp 1.0.5 for windows on an hp 64-bit When using KerbalKonstructs & kerbinside, the little 'select launchsite' button has not texture and says either launchsite is runway or launchpad, and no bases spawn. SXT parts simply do not download, and when I had the firespitter plugin, nothing happened. with SSTU, i have tried the 7 most recent versions on the GitHub page, and all i get is an empty category in the parts section called SSTU-Engine Clusters. A list of my mods: Antares-Cygnus Master ATK Propulsion Pack 3 Ceteras Suit Mod 0.2 ChopShop Corvus V1.1.1 HGR v1.30 HotContents HyperEdit 1.4.2 (no i have not adjusted planetary orbits) Impossible Innovations Kerbal_NRAP Kerbal STock Part eXpansion Kerbalized Rocket Technology Kidonia 0.1 Pheonix Industries Ascent Vehicle Pheonix Industries Ares Rover Release Tantares Science Mod 0.0.02 TakeCommand 1.3 Tantares_LV (doesn't work) Throttle Controlled Avionics T-MEME and Tweakscale WHY??? Thanks for any help Also, I have BDarmory parts even though I dont have Bdarmory. Why?
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