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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, Whitecat here with a question about drawing and rendering lines in the tracking station. Basically for my Orbital Decay modification I am beginning to implement n-body simulation, the actual simulation and orbit movements are fine, however such movements are 'forbidden' by the tracking station conics system. e.g, An orbit must ellipsoidal under all circumstances forever... Similarly during timewarp the whole affair gets horrifically messy and would make any sort of space rendezvous beyond 1/2 Hill Sphere radii impossible. However I have a found a solution to this
  2. Hello, i am learning to use Unity3d, and one of the things i wouldn't know how to do in KSP is to display the patchedConics, especially when they are rescaled and reformed so quickly. I bet they are not mesh renderers, but what are they? I hope you don't consider this to be undisclosable because i would really like to know and is driving me crazy... thank you Edit: sorry just realised there are line renderers...
  3. Hello all, I recently purchased the game and already had a lot of fun with it. I read many help posts as well so thank you for the help so far. I'm experiencing a strange behaviour of the orbit displayed (conics I believe ?) when I'm changing from a body SOI to another. For example, assume I'm orbiting the Mun (yay !) and I want to go back to Kerbin. I'll play with the manoeuver nodes until I get a nice Kerbin orbit after exiting the Mun's sphere of influence. I'll execute the manoeuver not too badly and then, right after I exit (end of the blue trajectory), the orbit will compl
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