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Found 1 result

  1. Here's an entry (or the start of an entry) for @Scarecrow71's All Contract Career Challenge, which can be found here: I'm mostly using default normal career settings, with the following changes: Adjusted re-spawn time to 1 hour, per challenge guidelines. Kerbals do NOT level up immediately, also per challenge guidelines. Persist Kerbal inventory load out is set to on. Allow other launch sites is set to on. Not sure if I'll use this or not, but nice to have it. Always allow action groups is set to on. At the beginning of a career, the only contracts available are the World's First ones, which will complete automatically anyway. Also, the challenge rules do allow you to collect science around KSC at the start of the challenge, to get things moving. However, I chose to jump straight into a launch, and 'accepted' a few of the available World's First contracts. I just did a couple of runs through one of my own challenges, which involved scavenging science around KSC too. It's kinda grindy, and I didn't feel like doing that this time. This challenge does allow you to gather science from KSC any time you like and I may end up doing that in the future. But for now I just wanted to launch some stuff. So let's get going! Did anybody see what might have gone wrong? Next mission(s) Having fun with this challenge so far. I haven't decided wether or not to use admin strategies. I normally do use them, and they are allowed in this challenge, but we shall see.
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