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Found 3 results

  1. So the game is this: Post false facts that are misleading and you could be tricked by them. Rate misleadingness on a scale of 1-15. Example Player 1: Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mt. Everest, did so while chasing a bird who had taken his prized potato away. P2: 1/15 wut the heck The Schrödinger's Cat parodox outlines that a cat in a box must be considered, for all intents, simeltainously alive and dead. I'll go with the Schrödinger's cat one to start.
  2. So, recently, on the KSP forums and Reddit, there has been considerable kerfuffle over a post that 8 developers made stating that they are leaving the KSP dev team. Many rumors and opinions have been tossed around, but not many know the facts. In this thread, I will attempt to separate fact from fiction (oh gosh that's gonna be hard) and hopefully people will comment on what they see the facts as. This is in approximately chronological order. I am defining facts as something I have seen happen myself, or saw pretty darn conclusive evidence for. I call things 'authoritative rumors' if I saw a l
  3. Mars is our universal neighbor, but we are yet to get the technology to land man on it. Consequently, all we know about it are from the robots that are deployed to explore it. we will let you in on some interesting facts about Mars.
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