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Found 2 results

  1. based on freedom space stationand the lunar getaway stationi will use a space craft called orionis
  2. Eeloo is a jerk! We all know that Eeloo was a Christmas gift from the Kerbal developers...right? Wrong! It was bored with it's life, so it decided to go and get captured by Kerbol! it went on a 3:2 Ratio to try to mess up Jool to get attention! It really is just a lump of ice going around the sun! It is secretly plotting to try to crash into Dres, because Dres gets way to much attention. Before it's too late, we must...... Attack Eeloo with everything we have! Download combat mods! Nuke Eeloo with everything we can! Destroy it! Run a 2000 ton s
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