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Found 4 results

  1. I seem to be having a little problem with my planes on takeoff. That's three separate designs now, so I have no idea what's wrong, and in fact I can't see much in common between them. They all have the exact same problem though. On the runway, during takeoff roll, a particular speed comes when the aircraft starts leering of the center of the runway. It should be noted that I am using FAR and I'm not really an expert with plane design, even though i enjoy it. Right coming back to the case, I present to you most recent of these troublesome designs. It is in no way a spaceplane, as one can see by its engine. Hence it was designed with low-speed, low-altitude performance in mind. However, the runawy sideslip is fatal on takeoff, the plane ususally rips off a wingtip, rotates around it and comes to stop, sliding backwards. I have also found a description of it that I've written. Both for RP purposes and as notes for myself in case i come back to it after a longer break:
  2. I built A behemoth larger than the VAB, my computer handled it well, Until I enabled MechJeb, who began a gravity turn, and my game crashed but with no lag. I got a corner window, "your display driver has stopped working" that wouldn't close until the game closed. I have had the issue on vanilla too, although the issue was fixed when I updated drivers, until now when I installed mods. I have 16gb ram intel i7 and a gtx850m on a hp envy 17 laptop. It has always been a great gaming pc, and I have never had problems like this before. I am unable to attach the crash reports, can anyone help with that? My drivers are up to date.
  3. http://imgur.com/a/IbZwo I'm running FAR and B9's Procedural Parts fork (and a whole bunch of other mods), and I'm trying to stabilize my plane's design by raising the CoL a bit over the CoM. But even with designs like these, the CoL doesn't seem to want to budge in the up/down direction. It does seem to behave properly from nose to tail, though... Anyone have any ideas here? EDIT: The answer is yes, CoL should be higher. I removed FAR to see if it would make a difference and it very much did: http://imgur.com/UkC4iDB So the question now is why is it doing this and how can I fix it? I've tried removing the B9 procedural parts fork, and that didn't fix it, so I guess I'm in for a lot of troubleshooting now... but any insight to shorten this process would be much appreciated! EDIT 2: So I've removed any mods I haven't deemed absolutely necessary (ie, removing them won't break my save) and I'm left with the following: Blizzy's Toolbar Module Manager FAR & the Modular Flight Integrator & RealChuteLite, which came packaged with it RemoteTech SCANSat The LargeCrewedLab and mk3CockpitShuttle from KerbalSpaceCommand (see CKAN) Contract Configurator Anomaly Surveyor and RemoteTech Contract Packs Kerbal Inventory System However, I'm also being told by the fine folks on Reddit that this behaviour may be more feature than bug. So maybe all this has been an exercise in futility.
  4. Hi all, one of my career modes was nearing endgame, so i decided to spice it up by installing Interstellar, since it contains a tech that's missing from stock parts - thermal turbojets for exploring planets with anoxic atmospheres. As these super powered engines were threatening to make things too easy, I added Ferram Aerospace , which with it's tendency to make you obsess over the area rule curve sent me scurrying towards B9 Aerospace procedural wings to get the shape i wanted. Interstellar is a pretty big mod in and of itself, but apparently needs Tweakscale and Starlionindustries KSPI Integration patch to work properly. This all worked OK for about a week, spent the best part of a day creating an airframe. Then, all of a sudden the Kraken strikes when i try to launch any of my vessels. Everything appears normal for a second, then the world and the vessel disappear. The screen is black apart from the UI, which is updating at about 0.3 FPS. From that point, if i try to return to the Space Centre, all I can see is an empty milky way skybox - Kerbin itself is gone, quit to main menu and reload is the same, the only way to bring the planet back is to quit to desktop and reload. Same thing happened even on one of the training scenarios. I then removed all mods, and game seemed to work again. I put back only the mods listed above (since that is what my aircraft requires) but the bug returns. I spent a whole day test flying and tweaking the design but it looks like i'll never be able to fly the finished article?
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