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Found 2 results

  1. A dedicated place for collaboration on addons and tweaks that couldn't make it in time for and possibly cannot wait on inclusion into an official release. @Galileo has expressed his willingness to do major uploads whenever necessary to get a completed project out there and avoid the wider fanbase needing to monitor this thread very regularly for updates. This thread exists to keep posts relating to such projects contiguous and not scattered among the regular (mostly casual gameplay and tech support themed) posts in the main GPP thread. Current Subjects: Contract Packs It is widely known by now that GPP breaks many contract mods. Why this happens is because of a handful of reasons: Mods with the names Sun and Kerbin hardcoded into them will not adapt to Ciro and Gael and will throw exceptions. Gael is missing certain anomalies like the Pyramids, KSC2 and Island Airfield. This breaks contract mods like GAP which target them. The different biome set and topology will upset waypoint and biome-based contracts. The GPP planet found in a given relative position (Niven in place of Eve... Tellumo for Duna) is nothing like the stock planet and will cause false contracts like Eve ocean science where Niven has no ocean. Along with these, the stock contract system responds oddly, generating Ore requests for Ciro or absurdly early missions to Grannus. Many thanks to everyone who provides feedback and contributes to this list. Here is a preliminary list of contract mods known to be compatible with GPP. It is not absolutely necessary to produce this list but is helpful for those who are looking for it: Confirmed OK CommNet Relays Exploration Plus Kerbal Academy Bases and Stations Clever Sats Career Evolution Contract Pack (Will not produce missions for Niven. It assumes the third planet is the homeworld) SETI:Contracts (Dropbox, Repack for GPP by @Yakvi ) Pending Field Research Tourism Plus (Seems just fine but is lightly upset by Gael having different biomes to Kerbin. Gael has no Badlands) Confirmed Broken GAP (Giving Aircraft a Purpose)
  2. HI there all - I started up a new KSP game with the following mods. https://imgur.com/a/M6Z3V I am also a KSP streamer and have had a couple of pretty knowledgeable peeps from the community pop in and observe this and thought that the best course of action would be to start here and see what might be able to be done. The "role playing" part of this was that someone on Kerbin got a new telescope and saw something, they pass that information along to the KSC and they discovered something beyond the known galaxy. [Enter Galileo Planet Pack aka secondary] Apparently there is a known issue and that nothing can be done that at times, solar panels will attempt to track towards GPP's star vs Kerbol, not that I have Fuel Cells, not really a big problem. Last night I had problems with a ore drill rig. It setup correctly, there was no loss of power, no overheating and ore was being dug up just fine. When I would switch away from it [outside of rendering range] and come back to it as the active craft, the drills were animating, but not digging. I would have to stop and start them again and then all would be good, until again I would swap away and then swap back. I have tried this with 2 different setups and the end result is the same. I would be more than happy to supply anything and everything to help find the problem. Keep in mind, I have successfully setup drill sites using MKS and stock , but this is my first time using Kopernicus and Galileo Planet Pack
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