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Found 4 results

  1. I tried downloading bdarmory fps but my kerbal does not equip the guns so is ther a similiar mod to that. mod link for informations about the mod:https://spacedock.info/mod/284/BD%20-%20FPS
  2. this is pretty simple, make a stock weapon (no BD armory or any mods) capable of destroying the most objects in one launch. any Easter egg or in game object is fair game. RULES!! 1) game must be 100% stock (no mods whatsoever as they may hinder game preformance) 2) destroyed objects must be in game objects, not ships and other craft 3) You may destroy an object on any celestial body 4) If any object cannot be destroyed, hitting it with a projectile traveling faster than 100m/s will count 5) please submit in video form to this thread for grading. 6) any ties will be settled by the number of kerbals killed in the process 7) have fun with it and be wacky in your creations and submissions (who dosent want an ssto bomber) my personal submission will be uploaded to my kerbal channel and this thread next monday (04/01/2019) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrhECdyyuDUReHIGkchbUQ Leader board #1----- TBD #2----- TBD #3----- TBD note: don't scroll down to far, i went nutz with the spoilers and can't delete them..... (if a moderator is reading this, can you please remove all the spoilers?)
  3. I'm wondering why laser guns haven't been made yet. Can't you just put a laser from a laser cutter, hook it up to a switch(trigger), and a battery? I dunno. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this plan? EDIT: Silly me. Completely forgot the power and heat issues. Thanks everyone. A laser is a light amplified by stimulated emmision of radiation after all, so a laser powerful enough to destroy would use lots of energy. Also the other issues too. EDIT 2: Silly me again. Didn't read stuff. Anyway, just forget my last edit
  4. Hi , Does anyone has started loving an FPS Game? Well mine are All Counter-Strikes And COD:Black Ops 2... ..
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