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  1. Gidday all, you smarter than me guys.... I have got to grips with making helicopters that fly really nice. The most fuel load I got to was 900 unit of LQ fuel. So the range was just over the western hills from KSC (200km ?). So, I was thinking I need a deployable forward air base to land and re-fuel. Some thing like a land based aircraft carrier, but... - needs to be relocate able to selected LAT/LONG and on the ground at ground level. - needs to auto load fuel for the landed craft. not, a miner type of thing, and perhaps not a docking port. -not to big, say an 8x8m squar
  2. Turboshafts are hard to make. Helicopters with jets on the blade are easy to make but difficult to throttle. No more! The HP-4 is a early design combining the two sources of thrust, the central turboshaft and the wing-edge auxiliary jet engines. It (slowly) descends when the turboshaft is shut down, a huge improvement upon our older designs. But anyways, less text more pictures! In this photo, you can see the turboshaft but not the wing-edge thrusters. You can see the wing-edge thrusters in this airborne picture, along with the built-in lightweight orientation system (RCS)
  3. My first completely self designed helicopter. Mostly uncontrollable but it flies. 6 Juno jets on the wingtips, with a custom built bearing. Turbine engine version is in development . As you can see, this is the reason it is unmanned: "This is your captain speaking. We are experiencing some slight turbulence. Please reattach your seatbelts, put your head between your legs, and kiss your *** goodbye." I hope you enjoyed looking at this haphazard pile of junk. Please help me improve it. 1 rep = 1 probe core in place of 1 death row convict/test pilot.(kidding)
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