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Found 1 result

  1. First, I'm sorry if this thread already exists somewhere. I did do a search and didn't find one. So, if there is a thread, it's likely long dead and buried. So, I'm wondering what other hobbies KSP players have besides KSP. Mine are varied and eclectic. First,I'm a private pilot and am working on building my own sport airplane called a HiMax. It's a single seat light sport aircraft that will go about 75mph powered by a Rotax engine or a motorcycle engine. Not fast enough to actually go anywhere except flying around and having fun. Second, I'm into ham radio and enjoy working on my radios. Now, if you're thinking of glowing vacuum tubes and "10-4 good buddy" you have the wrong image. Modern ham radio is very digital and science driven. Even though you will want to make contacts with other hams, the real thrill is understanding propagation and resonance frequencies. I've had fun making contacts of over 1700 miles with less wattage then what you have in your cell phone without all the huge corporate overhead necessary to make a cell phone call. My radio to another radio in southern mexico on as little as 500mW with a little pocket radio I built with my own two hands. Now that's cool! Third, I brew my own beer. And before you ask, yes it's legal. It's been legal to brew up to 200 gallons of beer a year sense 1979. Local laws to come into play so before you run out and start brewing your own, check and make sure you're following the local restrictions. For example, In Arizona, it's 100 gallons per year per legal adult up to 200 gallons per year. And what happens if you brew over 200 gallons, you ask? You have to pay a liquor tax. But think about that for a minute. If you're brewing over 200 gallons of beer a year, that means you're drinking over half a gallon of beer every day 7 days a week. And, if you're doing that, you may have bigger problems that you need to take care of. I have lots of others but those are my top three hobbies. I'm interested in what other hobbies my fellow kerbalnauts have. Let me know.
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