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Found 3 results

  1. OKAY RIGHT LISTEN UP YOU HUMAN SHAPED BLOB-CRAP BASED LIFE-FORMS I'm presenting 2 things that took me 3 hours to make: 1 2 I tried my best making them! Hope you appreciated it!
  2. Ok. So, yes, I am on a modded install. And, well, I am not sure if this is an issue with in one of my mods <list will be at the bottom as to not clutter this up too much> or something in the game or if I am just stupid and missing something. OK, so, heres the thing. While on EVA I cannot turn on my kerbals EVA lights. This is irritating to say the least. Makes working in the dark...harder than it should be. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a screen grab for you folks: Now, here is the output log: http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog Now for a list of mods, all but NovaPunch are up to date, and only 1 single part, a motor, from NovaPunch is causing me issues, since it is lagging the game, I refuse to use that part. SO, here is the list: MechJeb, novapunch, reentry particle effects, planetary base inc, cacteye, procedural fairings, KIS/KAS, chatterer and asteroid day. if this is mod specific can someone point me at which mod is causing this and I will seek a newer <if available ofc> version of said mod. If its novapunch, im stuck until tiberion updates from 1.0.2 to either 1.1.3 or the upcoming 1.2 <when ever that drops from experimentals, ya ya "Soon tm">
  3. I am not even sure what this is. I am building a base on the mun, and ya its had its issues, like one where I just launched a supply vehicle back off the mun after it brought some parts that made a flag launch into space. I hit quick load because a flying flag is fine if its rooted, but, it killed bill in the process. I check my tracking station to make sure that flag is back where it belongs after the quick save, and notice something. One of my ships that I had parked in LKO is gone. just flat out GONE. I did not deorbit and recover the crew, I did not recover the crew via ANY MEANS. I check the astronaut complex and the ONLY missing kerbal is Bill. That ship that vanished had 4-7 crew on it, and they are not listed as assigned or missing. I cannot remember their names, because I launched that ship in year 9-10 and its now year 14 day 108. Anyone ever see something like this?
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