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Found 3 results

  1. MKI Pod 'Needle' Configuration A Starliex product Hello fellow kerbounats! After many weeks of work, and even more weeks of procrastination, with more than 80 custom made props, I'm proud to release the 'Needle' configuration for the MK1 pod ! This configuration goes far and beyond to provide the latest gadgets and knobs to every kerbal pilot, with nice additions such as a phase angle indicator, slope angle, altitude callouts and much much more. Here below are some screenshots of the capsule : Download: Now available on CKAN ! Latest Release (Zip file) : https://gitlab.com/Ailex-/starilex-mk1-iva/-/archive/main/starilex-mk1-iva-main.zip All Releases : https://gitlab.com/Ailex-/starilex-mk1-iva/-/releases/ Source code : https://gitlab.com/Ailex-/starilex-mk1-iva SpaceDock : https://spacedock.info/mod/3113/Starilex Intra-Vehicular Solutions: MKI Pod 'Needle' Installation: Be sure to have installed all the dependencies. Download the zip file and copy the `GameData` folder inside the KSP folder Dependencies: Raster Prop Monitor MOARdV's Avionic System ModuleManager ASET Props ASET Avionics Reviva (Suggested) Reviva support: Reviva is a mod that allows multiple IVAs for the same pod, giving you the option to switch between them in game. Thanks to @610yesnolovely this IVA is supported as well out of the box! (Thank you!) Versions: 1.0 - Initial release [current] License: CC-BY-NC-SA ███
  2. Greetings Gentlekerbs, I am Mr. Kerman, the CEO of the recently created Genesis Incorporated. It is 2037, not the early 2000s, so everything we do will be over the top and crazy, if our computers can compute it. I will require the assistance of every nation and people group to help construct our future in space. But of course, we will need to explore our solar system from end to end. We will need shuttles, colonies, interplanetary ships, SSTOs and everything in-between. Luckily the predecessors of Genesis Inc. has been working on these problems. Now we need a plan of attack. We have already have been working on a shuttle program, the Marsupial Shuttle Initiative. But we are undecided on other objectives, we need to decide now. I leave this to you, leaders of the reformed nations of Kerbin. Message ended. Now dear reader, put yourself into the shoes of a leader of a reformed nation after the nuclear disaster of 2035. What would you prioritize? Post your answers down below and lets see where this will go! Here are the present challenges which I have accepted Here are the mods for this sandbox play through
  3. I made a thing. I hope it's useful http://davidhyman.github.io/ksp_bodies_graph/ It's intended as something for quick estimates rather than a full blown mission planner, but I hope it neatly fills the gap between the static dv maps for KSP (of which there are several) and the various calculators for detailed mission planning. I took some inspiration (and data) from @Kowgan, @swashlebucky and @interwound (http://deltavmap.com/) - thank you! Bug reports, corrections and improvements welcome at github: https://github.com/davidhyman/ksp_bodies_graph References: http://deltavmap.com/ swash's delta v map https://github.com/merlinthered/ksp_cheat_sheets
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