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Found 7 results

  1. KerbalStuff was one of the biggest 3rd party Kommunities for KSP add-ons and mods. Would you support its return?
  2. As we all know, KerbalStuff.com is shutting down. I am currently making an alternative, though, that holds mods for all games (minecraft, KSP, Fallout, terraria, etc.) and maps/craft (spaceplanes, minecraft maps), which will be much better than KerbalStuff :). Please watch this thread to see the beta updates, the alpha updates, and when it is a release. If you want to help me, tell me what hosts are very good hosts :D. Also, I will keep this website UP always. UPDATE 0.0.1: most of CSS HTML and php got together! (BTW Im using MAMP to do stuff)
  3. KerbalStuff was shut down last night for various reasons. If your mod is hosted on KerbalStuff, you should consider rehosting on a site like Curse or Github.
  4. Hello all, I recently visited Kerbalstuff to install another mod that I liked and found that the site is now shut down by the creator. Please confirm this update and let us all know the official story. https://kerbalstuff.com/
  5. A great many people dislike the curse website, and it has less than half the amount of mods uploaded that Kerbal Stuff did, before it went down. The owner has made a message for us on his site. Squad want's their community to be happy, right? Then give us a site we can rely on for our mods, that is easy and fun to use, and supports the community in a much better way than Curse.
  6. ive set up a FB groupd to get people together who might be able to help get KS back up and running, join if you have any knowledge that could help https://www.facebook.com/groups/1702472480029005/
  7. Got a problem with Kerbalstuff. I've been trying to publish update to my mod, but after upload progress bar reaches end, nothing happens. This is my 3rd update for that mod, didn't have that problem with previous updates. Any idea what's going on?
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