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Found 4 results

  1. The Caveman Challenge involves playing without upgrading any facitilies. With these restrictions, maybe the most difficult task is to land a kerbal on Eve, plant a flag and safely return the kerbal home to Kerbin. But I take the challenge and will give you updates about my progress. You can find the original caveman challenge here: Rules I set for myself: No facility upgrades No mods No DLCs No cheats after starting the challenge Assembling on ground and in orbit via docking and EVA construction mode is allowed Normal difficulty settings Starting with level 0 Kerbals Crafts should be visually connected (offset wheels connected only by struts are OK) Save and reload is allowed All Kerbals must survive and be brought back home Using external launch window calculator is allowed Deviation from the rules of the original caveman challenge: All twenty technology nodes reachable in the caveman challenge already unlocked via cheat menu Sufficient money cheated via cheat menu Challenges with this Eve return mission: Best engines for Eve not available No maneuver nodes No patched conics 30 parts and 18 tons limit on launchpad Kerbals cannot exit command modules unless on Kerbin Kerbal must be on a ladder or on its own until landed on Eve Kerbal can enter a command module though Probes core can only hold position Limited information about orbit Only height of apoapsis and periapsis No information about inclination or time to apoapsis/periapsis Eve is out of reach of CommNet Unmanned craft can only switch on/off SAS or enable/disable engines at full thrust Transfering fuel is not possible: Fuel tanks must be launched full on fuel to orbit No ISRU possible
  2. So long time Lurker here finally pushed to actually posting because I actually managed to make something I'm slightly proud of, a fairly simple SSTO space plane that I can use for tourists that are no longer satisfied with just a jaunt to LKO, oh well. Saying that I did get to use it for one tourist contract. It uses one Panther (mostly in afterburner mode) and two terriers to achieve orbit of approxiamtely 70-80km, it can also be a little prone to overheating on re-entry,and thus requiring a little finese, I am otherwise in love with this, even though it will likely see very little use in my Career save (1.2pre) and at some point I will find out how to post images like everyone else in the forum
  3. So, I want one craft to go to Eve on a flyby, but dropping a science atmosphere probe to land there, then I want the main craft to go on a Jool flyby that hits the upper atmosphere and drops a second probe there, but I only have batteries and solar panels. How many solar panels do I need to transmit all data?
  4. Hi all. I have some very specific mission requirements that I've toodled around with and haven't yet gotten to work. So I've decided I need some help from the forums. Right now I'm using 2 Thuds for rockets and 3 panthers for jets. My intakes are engine nacelles and a circular intake on the front of a Mk1 Inline; I don't have ram intakes yet. I'm using stock aero, not FAR (which is a first for me). Here, have a link to the craft file: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/13522/ and a picture: It needs to be able to get at least 2 passengers (preferably more, but I'll fly more missions) into orbit, rendezvous with a station in 125km x 125km (not dock), and re-enter. I'm comfortable with a bingo fuel reentry. Right now it gets into an 85km x -60km suborbital trajectory. My flight pattern involves getting up to Mach 2.5 around 15km on afterburners, then cutting over to rockets for the rest of the flight (keeping jets on until they starve out for the extra savings). I originally tried a single-core plane without the extra fuel on the front; it behaved similarly, but I had to enter a shallow dive from 10km to punch through the Mach barrier. I'm comfortable doing that, if it works, but with 3 Panthers this is just point and zoom. What modifications do I need to make to make this work? Am I flying it correctly, or is there a more efficient profile? I haven't flown SSTOs since 0.90, and I haven't flown stock SSTOs ever (I'm a FAR aficionado momentarily exiled by my potato computer). Thanks pre-emptively for your help.
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