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Found 1 result

  1. Mouse Aim Flight (MAF) is a tool that allows you to pilot aircraft with the mouse created by me and @ferram4, with credits for @BahamutoD. The goal of the mod is to have a control system that can pilot anything you create as well as possible, making it easier to fly stably at extremely high speeds and also allowing for aiming with precision, without having to worry about wobbliness or trim. Right now, MAF is consisted of three different behaviors and a static controller that can handle most of your creations pretty well, but on the future it will be able to operate crafts more robustly, and adapt to virtually anything you can build. The purpose of the mod is allowing you to easily handle your craft, but it will not make any attempts on preventing you from crashing, stalling or destroying yourself from aerodynamic stresses. This is a serious project, thus every feedback you can provide is welcome, files of craft that the mod cannot yet pilot properly are also welcome and will help improving the mod*. Download on Curse Forge (source on GitHub) How to use the mod: Press P to activate MAF, make sure SAS is OFF. Move the mouse around and the vessel will point at the target. Press O to change mode, find the mode that best suits your craft and flight style. On the GUI you can find a few customization options. You can also override the target indicator using pitch and yaw controls, or input roll control which will not reset the target. Recommended mods: Ferram Aerospace Research BDArmory Improved Chase Camera Planned Features: Control System Adaptation, to greatly improve performance, this is the main goal of the mod. Improved trimming system, making it capable of handling very unbalanced crafts. Several different behaviors, from piloting VTOLs to rockets and hypersonic vehicles. Dedicated camera behavior. Considered Features: Mode for piloting the velocity vector rather than craft orientation. Change the color of the target. Different control systems. More aim reticles. Ground vehicle piloting. Control rate piloting (like a joystick). FAQ: My craft wobbles, this is not even a question. If that happens, please post the craft file on this thread. It probably means you have way too much control authority, but I need the craft for testing purposes. My airplane never points at the target circle, why? That means it's unbalanced and requires much more trim to fly straight than it should (more than 20%), while MAF will be able to compensate for that on the future, it's advised that you balance your craft for increased overall performance. This may also happen with well balanced SSTOs or hypersonic craft that require high angles of attack to fly level. Why does it take so long to point at the target circle? It should not take long to point at the target, it may be slower to adjust if you fly too fast or have too little control authority. Changelog: v1.1.3 Ported to KSP 1.9 v1.1.2 Ported to KSP 1.3 v1.1 New Features: Added Aggressive Flight mode Finished Cruise Flight mode Ported to KSP 1.2 v1.0.1: New Features: Improved pitch down performance New experimental flight mode, Cruise Flight Better handling on stock aerodynamics Reticle opacity and size options Bugfixes: Cursor no longer has a chance of disappearing when MAF is turned off Disables itself on EVA *It is highly recommended that you use and give feedback only on release versions, development versions may have known issues and issues added on purpose for testing, feedback on this kind of change is unworthy. All Rights Reserved unless otherwise stated on the license file.
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