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Found 2 results

  1. Micro-Challenges For All! Hello, and welcome to the micro-challenges for all thread! This is a continuation of the Newbie Central thread. Some of you know me from the Newbie Central thread, some of you just stumbled upon this thread in the challenges section. Here’s a quick Q&A to tell you what this is all about! Q1: What are micro-challenges? A: Micro-challenges are challenges that can be done in a few hours, not a few days. They don’t have to involve 5 launches, LKO assembly, replica craft, and specific maneuvers to build a base on Duna, with TAC-LS, that i
  2. NEWBIE CENTRAL Hello to everyone reading this! This thread is a collaboration of myself, @kerbalstar, @obney kerman, and last but not least, @VelocityPolaris. It is our goal to help introduce Newbies to some of the more time-consuming and difficult aspects about KSP, ranging from Interplanetary Travel, (My screenshot) To multiple-launch bases (@kerbalstar's screenshot) To Space Stations (@VelocityPolaris's screenshot) To aircraft, SSTOs, and VTOLs. (@obney kerman's screenshot) Also, just as a side note, people with more than 75
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