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Found 1 result

  1. PS: EDITED TOPIC; FROM "Hey Squad! Do you ever take a look in the Ps4/Xboxone threads? are you hiding from us?" Too something more on Topic again! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well So here it is, I found a temporary Fix for the "Saves Lost/Rollback" problem. Just free up some Space, by Deleting Old SaveGames & "unused" Craft-recepies, from ex. Build menu, Press Load Craft, Then just Delete some Old stuff, also seems that "XL" Ships With more parts, takes up alot more of the memory and that is uses the same memorybank as savegames. So having too many "Crafts" saved up, even if not loaded into game, they use up a huge amount of Memory. Some has already tested this, and seems too work, So, you just need too free up some Space every now and then, Deleting old Crafts. And this might just keep ur progressing thru the game, until it can be pathced In my Final Test, I managed too save a Whole lot of 8 x 300Parts Ships. Yeah! 8. Thats all you need too max out Your savebank ^* Also SaveGames, With alot of flights in them, will also take up some memory. To try not having too many saves at the same time too. Seems they use up the same Space of memory, so one overrides the other, and visaversa. For the latest News about this workaround, check out AndyChilly's Post under. I voter it up, so should be right under this OP! Gl hope this helps. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Check Out Best answer Post Under!.! what the heck Squad? all these problems With the broken Console Version (cant save(Xbox)/corrupt saves(ps4)). Could you guys atleast give us a Word or sumthing? Now it seems most in that forum want to get a refund! And wait with the Money in Our own pockets too see if this will be fixed, cuz when you dont even answer our posts, it will problably take some time before its gonna be playable again. This Title should maybe be withdrawn from Xbox Store and Ps4 store. Its a borked release! Wont be long until i ask Xbox why this is still for sale. I do get it that you are in deep excrements atm, but a Word from you would be so Nice!
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