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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, where is this cabin from mod?
  2. Hello! Help, please find mods for the movie The Martian. I want to make replicas from this movie and do them better with mods. Help, please!
  3. I’m surprised this mod hasn’t been created yet (or maybe I haven’t seen it yet), but this would be super cool if it could be made. Include maybe the infinite improbability drive, and maybe the BistroMathematics drive, along with the basic engines/drives. This might be too overpowered for KSP1, so maybe it could be done as a KSP2 mod. Maybe the mod could include a couple other star systems, so that KSP1 could have a good use for these crazy drives.
  4. I've been trying to do a joke mission where I launch a payload dubbed: amazon delivery and recover it. But a small problem is that there's no amazon flag. Can anyone help me find a flag pack with it? I'm lazy to make one myself.
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