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Found 1 result

  1. I was reading one article and it made me think, again, how annoying these things are when forced and used for the sake of being used, and how disappointed KSP 2 would be if its developers would go towards that path. motion blur - please no, this is annoying even in films where it's used to hide the fact the scene is poorly made eyeball grime - VFX atrocity that is trying to convince you how you're looking into the world through scratched, dirty plastic or eyes without eyelids, with damaged corneas chromatic aberration - just horrible. It's a favorite tool of hipster attention seekers on various mindless social networks where duckfacing is a norm. Lens makers solved this in mid 18th century and it's called achromatic lenses. film grain - when used as a temporary effect in cinematics, it serves a useful purpose. If used all the time, it's just annoying. shallow depth of field - effect that says it knows what you want to look at better than yourself. Please, no. lens flare - computer monitors have a limit of brightness, so this is a good way to show something is really, really bright, like the Sun in field of view, if used decently, as a spice, however healthy human vision doesn't have lens flares so it's better to ditch it. bloom* - Who wants the feeling of watching the world through greased, foggy window? This is one of the worst things a computer game can force upon the user, especially the one where spaceflight is featured. It makes airless bodies look as if they have atmosphere. This belongs to late 70s and early 80s music videos. It's not pretty. Makes me want to wipe my screen with window cleaner. (*bloom does appear in human vision when small part of the field of vision has intense luminosity, and the rest is very dark, therefore it could be used in rare occasions as a measured procedure, but not far from Kerbol) overblown HDR - initially, made by overzealous amateur photographers who just discovered HDR and don't understand it's not supposed to look intense and weird, but since then this atrocity has been copied by some VFX artists. Please, for the love of aesthetics, just don't. vignetting - annoying artifact of old lens systems that photographers profoundly hate. Enormous money has been invested during the history of photography to attenuate it as much as possible. I think I saw some bloom in the trailer and it made me grind my teeth. If you have some additional horrible VFX you are afraid of being used in KSP 2, feel free to mention them here.
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