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  1. So, I have this small problem of what theme I should use for my rockets? My themes of the last game: Manned: Aztec gods (not a good idea, quite long names like Quetzalcoatl or Huitzilopotchli) Unmanned: Lakes Relay System: Indian tribe names Exploration: Officers of World War 2 Testing: Gemstones Any ideas for my new vessels? New Naming scheme: Manned: Greek gods (Gaia: mother of all flights, Artemis: God of the moon) Unmanned: officers of ww2 (Nimitz, Eisenhower you name it) Relay systems: Capital cities (Ottawa, Bogata etc) Exploration: Famous writer (Verne cant wait to go to Jool with it!, Tolstoy etc) Test vechiles: Disasters (Hindenburg, titanic etc) Refueling Station: Germanic Gods (Odin, Frea etc) Space Station: Norse gods (Loki, Thor etc) Planes: Bird of prey (eagle, condor etc) Tourism: Names of 'our' planets (Mercucry, Neptune, Mars etc)
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