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Found 5 results

  1. Airbrake Expansion A new parts mod I'm working on making a new mod for KSP and would appreciate some feedback and assistance. The idea is to give the player access to several new airbrake types that perform specific roles. I love the idea of airbrakes but the stock ones... kinda suck. They're too slow to react for a proper control surfaces and they're too fragile for a proper re-entry assist, so I decided to break them up into some new parts that each perform very well in one category rather than acting as heavy drogue chutes. Completed: Fast Twitch Control Airbrakes- Very fast actuator speed, relatively small. Designed to help stop tumbling and maintain control when normal control surfaces are too cumbersome for a specific craft. Work in progress: Robust Airbrakes- Durable and large, these are the "dumb" approach to assisting with moderate re-entry. Wishlist: Smart Airbrakes- Designed to assist with extreme re-entry, they will start to retract if they near their g-force or temperature threshold. Going to require some new module coding. Looking for feedback: If you have any ideas about new niches for airbrakes that I haven't thought of yet, or ways to improve my current airbrakes, let me know. Looking for help: I'm currently struggling with "authorityLimiter" and "deployAngleLimits". Any number I enter for either of those values is being overwritten by "ctrlSurfaceRange" (or 1.5x "ctrlSurfaceRange" in the case of "deployAngleLimits".) I'm probably making some formatting error somewhere, but I can't seem to make those values play nice. Help with diagnosing the problem (or a concrete example of any mod using those values successfully) would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like some help to develop a mod that will: Spawn fresh new kerbals in a part that has already been placed/ build on the surface of a planet. Don't worry about parts, it is the coding which is critical. Allow for kerbals to be retired (not KIA or MIA) without penalty from the same part. Reason 1: You travel all the way to a new solar system. Even on the highest warp it takes several tens of minutes of real time to actually arrive. You land, mine and start using mods to build new craft and begin exploring. Then, the unfortunate happens... your engineers and scientist all die in a most horrific crash! How will you replace them? Reason 2: People like the idea of an 'end game target'. Setting up ACTUAL colonies that really do supply you with kerbals on every and all bodies could do this. This isnt micromanaging colonies. Although with LS mods you could add colpkexity by needing to supply resources from time to time. Reason 3: with the upcoming release of the Tetrix TechTree (which is Simplex TechTree 2.0) I have a couple of colonization nodes in the end game. There isn't anything really like this, and this would be able to be used alongside every single LS mod. NOTE I had the idea of using Contract Configurator to spawn the kerbals, but I'm not sure that it can spawn a kerbal into a part but I'm waiting on someone from that thread to let me know if it is possible. Also, this mod would work better than simply collecting rescue kerbals from random places even other star systems. So here is the idea: There is single part that is basically a large flat cylinder called a colonyPart. With a few IVA spots (using the hitchhiker or plane crew cabins) to spawn kerbals into. This part is an arcology. This could be made with a retexture and rescale sizeup of a another part. There would also be a taxi part called a colonyTanker; again retextured parts could be used. Colonists are effectively a resource (colonistBodies) so that the game doesn't have to account for hundreds of kerbals and IVAs and such. The in game explanation is that the arcology is supposed to be a closed system. You fill it initially with colonists like a resource - colonistBodies are only available from Kerbin or generated from the colonyPart once some colonist Bodies appear. This could be done using the RTG mechanic of always generating more. So far so easy. This method doesn't deal with small ten/twelve people 'colonies'. It doesn't break head canon for anyone who thinks kerbals lay eggs/ live birth / need both genders to reproduce. It just says colonists get on with their own lives. But some colonists may wish to join the kerbonaut core. The mod would then spawn a kerbal of random skill with messagr notification that this had happened. This would happen after a certain amount of time. Ideally there would be a couple of sizes of colonyParts. A smaller one would spawn a single Kerbal, a larger one three kerbals. If you don't want the kerbonaut then you can retire them back into the colony with no penalty. Extension possibilities. There are ways in which this maybe extended through contracts. Tourists spawned with contract to head back to kerbin. Tourists who wish to go to the colony to join, or move from colony to colony. Kerbonauts who wish to retire to a colony. Also, if an age mechanic is introduced, then before they die of old age, the kerbonaut could retire. This could also introduce the concept of geneators ships to the interstellar save. So the request is that someone writes or borrows from somewhere some code to spawn a kerbal with particular conditions that could be modded by config file. That kerbal would spawn in a part. Also with the same part allow for kerbal retirement. Sooo. Please help or let me know how I could do this currently! Thank you! Peace.
  3. In many of my large ships( 100 plus Kerbals), there are compartments like crew cabins filled with Kerbals ready to explore I find that going EVA and switching to the tracking station 1 by a1 is very time consuming is it possible to have the cabin crew/cockpit etc. disembark all at once. just wondering Thanks Jammer
  4. Good day my fellow Kerbenauts, I'm a new modder and modeler (Also new) in the scene of Kerbal space program and I want to test the "watters". I'm currently working on a single part ship (Mod) inspired by Stargate Universe. The ship, called "Kshuttle" is a ancient Kerbal Shuttle roughly 1000000 years old, used for recon, surveying, and exploration in short distances and can also be utilized for transportation of Kerbals to and from Planets and Ships in orbit. It can hold up to 17 Kerbenauts and fitted with a container area, you can bring you high school experiment with you on your suicide mitions to the Kraken. Any thoughts and comments is welcome and may you have a very Kerbal day.
  5. If there is a mod that can make the game have weather system it will be very great, It can make the game have rain and snow doesn't matter if the rain or snow is just the effect. If feels good when you driving a car or a plane that you build by yourself in rain or snow
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