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Found 1 result

  1. http://imgur.com/a/IbZwo I'm running FAR and B9's Procedural Parts fork (and a whole bunch of other mods), and I'm trying to stabilize my plane's design by raising the CoL a bit over the CoM. But even with designs like these, the CoL doesn't seem to want to budge in the up/down direction. It does seem to behave properly from nose to tail, though... Anyone have any ideas here? EDIT: The answer is yes, CoL should be higher. I removed FAR to see if it would make a difference and it very much did: http://imgur.com/UkC4iDB So the question now is why is it doing this and how can I fix it? I've tried removing the B9 procedural parts fork, and that didn't fix it, so I guess I'm in for a lot of troubleshooting now... but any insight to shorten this process would be much appreciated! EDIT 2: So I've removed any mods I haven't deemed absolutely necessary (ie, removing them won't break my save) and I'm left with the following: Blizzy's Toolbar Module Manager FAR & the Modular Flight Integrator & RealChuteLite, which came packaged with it RemoteTech SCANSat The LargeCrewedLab and mk3CockpitShuttle from KerbalSpaceCommand (see CKAN) Contract Configurator Anomaly Surveyor and RemoteTech Contract Packs Kerbal Inventory System However, I'm also being told by the fine folks on Reddit that this behaviour may be more feature than bug. So maybe all this has been an exercise in futility.
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