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  1. Since I've gotten back on the Forums, I decided to do some artsy-things with my new artsy hobbies. So, I decided to make a planetball map of the Kerbol System. It's nothing fancy, just a simple drawing, but if I ever do individual celestial bodies, expect better quality. This took roughly 2 hours to draw. Made in ProCreate on my iPad. Oh, and I also might do something like Commissioner Tadpole, the original creator of the Kerbal Planetball (Kerb-ball?) Komics, with the comic strips. EDIT: new version up! ( mistake there- by "Bop stronk", I meant "Pol stronk". Bop is the Kawaii kraken thingie. Also,for some apparent reason, the "Add a poll" thing that I normally see is gone. Huh. EDIT: My new profile pic,based off the iconic Polandball "Of Happenings". Also, Flag map of Kerbin and Some Planetball Art, coming soon Finally finished with a artwork! I drew Laythe because it is Laythe. Jool is glaring at Tylo, so his eyes are not in it. Feel free to give feedback! Added new one! I really
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