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Found 1 result

  1. The title's self-explanatory, but here are the details. I recently acquired Breaking Ground and want to try the new R121 Turboshaft Engine. However, none of the tutorials I find seem to work out for me. Even my most successful attempts turned out to be failures. First attempt as it accelerates on the runway. After taking off at ~60 m/s, it rose for a bit then took a nosedive. Eventually, I crashed into the ocean. When I installed the KAL-1000 controller and tried to follow the instructions from the tutorial videos, it seems like it made things WORSE - and, apparently, wrecked all subsequent attempts to correct this error. My second prototype for testing a propeller didn't help out either. Below are the craft files of both of my failed attempts. https://mega.nz/file/TeAhwJwD#VQhNdFvCKejmi4nUusIjLx38ZOdLN_9mbQCVBWsGxzY https://mega.nz/file/yD40HTSa#sE2O_GRCPjaeAGSaIgDsw5YjQo_ET1Fcu8A014L21gw Any ideas where I went wrong? Was it due to poor aerodynamic design or improperly setting up the propeller? How can I get the propeller to work? And do I really need the KAL-1000 controller? Sure, the second prototype failed, but initial performance without it seemed promising for the first thirty seconds. WITH the controller, the plane was barely moving at all. Is there a written set of instructions I can reference - one that actually works? And does these rules apply to electric propellers too? I'll test whatever answers are given and let you all know how they work out. Thank you very much. If I can get this to work, then I can build USAF aircraft replicas and luxury vehicles for Laythe tourism.
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