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Found 3 results

  1. Real Scale Boosters - Parts Pack Realistically scaled rockets, heavily based on real world counterparts, with reasonably accurate stats. --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This is still an alpha/beta development project. New parts are still being added, and things can and will change! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Dependencies: Module Manager Highly Recommended: Hangar Extender (practically a must-have) QuickSearch (you can just type "atlas" or "delta" or
  2. Hello there, so this is kinda a modding question. I currently play the RO/RSS version installed via CKAN(1.3) and i love the realscalebooster mod. Now my problem is that with the Delta III/IV upper stages and their low TWR(0.5-1.0) i just can’t make it into orbit. How do I need to adjust my flight profile so I get into a stable orbit before I drop back into the atmosphere? Don’t mind to ask further questions to get more infos. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello once again, people. I've got a rookie Realism Overhaul question for you. I downloaded Realism Overhaul manually, and added only the parts that are indicated "necessary for the mod to work correctly", via CKAN. The cause of this was the fact that CKAN couldn't download RO, it kept failing every time. Thing is, it looks like solid rocket boosters of any kind, although loaded with what is indicated as PBAN, they won't ignite, because of "fuel deprivation". I can't, however, load the tank with any other fuel. Does anybody know of any mods that control the fuel or this behavior?
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