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Found 1 result

  1. This one is close to impossible. Here is the deal: You need to go to Every single planet and moon In RSS. ( Exept Jool. So YES. You do need to go to Eve. ) Rules: You are allowed to assemble your ship in space. You must check you have an orbital velocity around Kerrin of around 7000 m/s You have a time limit of 175 years. Mods that are acceptable... Docking port allinment indicator. KW Rocketry SSTU FTmN Nuclear rockets FASA Spice Launch systems RSS Deadly reentry Rastor prop monitor KER Realisim overhual. Spacex Lunch systems ( Anyone. I know there are different mods but with the same title.) You may suggest any other mods and questions are not to big or small. Anyone who actually gives me visual aids of them completing it, ( A video would be greatly appreciated ) I will follow them on their account! Good luck!!
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