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  1. I know this likely will not happen, but I want it to. Separate Jet Engines and Nozzles: This would change jet engine from being a two part system (Nozzle, Intake), to a Three part system. To get a jet nozzle to function you would need an intake, engine/turbine (significantly smaller than the exhaust, but not fully one size smaller. Still stays under 1.25m category if it fits a 1.25m exhaust for example) and a nozzle. Intakes: The intake mainly governs the way air is taken into the engine. The same as now, with two new parts, and separating of the Goliath into intake, bypass fan and the 1.25m low speed turbine and a goliath nozzle. Add-ons: These are not required for the functioning of the engine, but help it do something or have a special effect. These are mounted on a few different places in the engine. E.G. Pre-coolers for increasing hypersonic performance by cooling down intake air, High bypass intake attachments for massive efficiency boosts, or afterburners as a ASAS-thickness toggleable thrust booster. Turbine: This mainly governs the thrust, Altitude and efficiency of the engine jointly with the exhaust. These parts fit within special mounting parts, similar to the structural fuselage, but with thicker walls and they contain liquid fuel. The engine nacelle becomes one of these parts. 2.5m version, 1.25m version and 2.5m and 1.25m engine nacelle. There would be at least four parts for 1.25m, one low speed turbine (Wheesley), one middling one (Panther) and one hypersonic one (Whiplash), and one convertible to rocket one, that only works with the matching exhaust to fully function, but can rocket augment the other nozzles (RAPIER), basically a super powered afterburner that runs on oxidizer, but doesnt work without air. Exhaust: Governs the Speed curve and, jointly with the turbine, the ISP. These would use the current models we have now. There would be four versions, corresponding with the turbines. When set with the matching turbine, they produce the current values. Possible Combination examples for 1.25m: Turbine Exhaust Result Wheesley Wheesley Normal Wheesley Wheesley Panther low altitude-medium speed Wheesley Whiplash low altitude-high speed Wheesley RAPIER low altitude- high speed, with rocket agumentation. Panther Wheesley medium altitude-low speed Panther Panther Normal Panther Panther Whiplash medium altitude-high speed Panther RAPIER medium altitude, high speed with rocket agumentation Whiplash Wheesley high altitude, low speed (This combination is what made me want to make this) Whiplash Panther high altitude, medium speed Whiplash Whiplash Normal Whiplash Whiplash RAPIER normal whiplash with rocket agumetnation RAPIER Wheesley a heavier whiplash-wheesley RAPIER Panther a heavier whiplash-panther RAPIER Whiplash a heavier normal whiplash RAPIER RAPIER Normal RAPIER
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