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Found 1 result

  1. SIMPLEX Propulsion A mod that causes the atmospheric performance of all engines, and offers more natural fuel ratios. DOWNLOAD at Spacedock Requires: Module Manager (not included). Stock TechTree , TETRIX TechTree, or SIMPLEX TechTree Otherwise can be a standalone mod. Recommends: SIMPLEX Resources which now handles Fuel changes, and has options for PowderFuel ISRU Engines The performance of engines is nerfed in atmosphere only. Vacuum performance remains unchanged. It's purpose is an attempt at forcing the creation of two stage rockets to get into orbit around Kerbin, but retaining the STOCK feel of KSP once in vacuum. The performance at sea level on Kerbin is 70% of stock values. Vacuum performance is unaffected and so the performance improvement as you ascend is far greater rate than stock as it normalises. Engine Block Upgrades Engines that are designed to be used to launch rockets from Kerbin (Swivel, Reliant, Skipper etc.) have Part Upgrades to improve their atmospheric performance to 77% stock. Vacuum engines (such as Terrier or Poodle) do not have upgrades. These upgrades are available in upgrade nodes attached to the unlocking Tech Tree nodes where the engines are unlocked. Effectively costed 60% more science to increase power and efficiency by 10%. With JNSQ Engines will instead be nerfed to only 90% stock values at sea level. The upgrade will restore values to 100% stock. Other mods This is a global nerf so all mod engines are affected. NearFuture suite and Methalox CryoEngines are supported with upgrades. PALOX and PALOXUS These are new engines that run on a Powdered Aluminum and Oxygen suspension. Effectively a throttleable solid fuel engine that acts as a monopropellant engine. It is a late game vacuum only engine and works with SIMPLEX Resources in mind. PowderedFuel only requires NaturalOre to be produced. The engines look like they have been slapped together from Ore tanks and rockomax adapters (which is accurate). THANKS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT @Jimbodiah for the inspiration with the config he made for SSRSS. Check it out here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/169534-12x-13x-simple-rss-patch/ @riocrokite for inspiration from SAFIRE and the persuasive work he did with ratios. Check out his mod and explanations here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181591-16x-safire-stockalike-adjustments-to-fuels-isru-ratios-and-engines-21-01-2019/. Peace.
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