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Found 1 result

  1. I was originally about to make the same game on Forums, but since it's a long break of me (That I almost count myself as quitting Siren Enthusiast, but...) Simple. Post your weirdest quotes here, and see who's the weirdest or funniest! Anime quotes are allowed, since I 'abused' anime quite bad lately (But NOT at Forums [NOT @ARS,don't spit your coffee]) It could be your quote, it could be others. Feel free to post. Include the source, if possible. Mention the user, if you picked the quote from another user from this forum. This is to credit the user for the quote. Uhhhhhh... Anyways, follow the forum rules, albeit this forum is even smart enough to identify... My First Post Will Be After OP. [For sure my 2 posts are merged] Vitas - Seventh Element