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Found 1 result

  1. A rather intersting thought crossed my mind tis morning when I was playing Kerbal and in fact this idea could work (after all we ahve Parachutes that Depoy or open when the vehicle htis a certain alttitude above the surface.. But this idea takes the idea and reuns it in reverse.. Everyone who builds a craft that has aerodynamic fairing either has to stage the fairing properly so that it opens when a certain event hpappens of you deply it maually (This is one thing that I du..) But what if the fairing wer eto autodeply when the vehicle reaches a certain altitude.. . IN a way it's like the parachutes hwe have in game abut run in reverse.. (forexample the part could be set with a deply area that would range from say 35,000 mets all the way up to 70,000 meters.. And you could set this deploment altitude before you launch. (Much like you can set the parachuts an or the ablation for a heat shiled.. So then the real question is, could this work? an if so what type of coding would it take to make it work/ Thoughts? Space_Coyote