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Found 1 result

  1. It's the game we've all heard about and played, and no doubt many of you guys are playing it as we speak - myself included! But why? Despite all it's amazing features, the Universe suffers from countless flaws that some have found extremely irritating. No mods! There is no modding community to speak of! Don't get me wrong, there are loads, LOADS of DLC for sale. But the really good ones are all far too expensive! You have to fork over billions just to leave your starting planet TEMPORARILY! And even then, you can disconnect unexpectedly There's that old glitch where you can't reconnect after you've disconnected. Apparently the game bans you for that. The devs cheat round this by calling it a feature "death". Random disconnects. The quests are EXTREMELY repetitive and boring. Where are the devs? We haven't ever seen them for real nor made contact with them! Submit your reviews, people! My opinion is that, despite these flaws, the universe is still a pretty good game.