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Found 1 result

  1. STARDATE: Y4-D303-4H25M The third Dres Fleet has arrived and are now captured in Dres' sphere of influence. So far, our Dres colonization fleet - whether they're orbiting the planet or already landed - consist of: The U.S.S. Defiant (and it's crew). Though it has plenty of liquid fuel left for the return pod, it has run out of fuel for itself and very low on monopropellant. That can be fixed. 2 permanent self-sustaining bases Dresden Base is within 10 kilometers of the designated landing spot (Rosly's Whim) for incoming landers, chosen for its rich ore deposits Colorado Base is in orbit. I have ordered it to wait until the Dres Canyon is in daylight to land it. 1 ore-scanning satellite in polar orbit 1 Interplanetary Escape Pod The next crew will come in another one, but I already have one stationed in Dres orbit in case of emergencies 2 mini-buses DRES MINI-BUS 001 already within range of Rosly's Whim and Dresden Base DRES MINI-BUS 002 in orbit, as I have not yet decided where to put it 1 large fuel truck in spotting range of Rosly's Whim. 1 surface relay, planted on the opposite side of the planet from Rosly's Whim 1 three-man surface lander, equipped with science. 2 one-man surface landers. Though they have more Delta-V than the three-man lander, they still need refueling after each use - not to mention I can only take one person at a time in them. 1 Ore converter module. I shall dock it with the U.S.S. Defiant so that the station can produce its own fuel. 1 Ore Delivery probe. It shall land in Rosly's Whim and collect ore to bring back to the upgraded Defiant for conversion. I made sure it had PLENTY of Delta-V ready so that it won't need to refuel itself once it reaches the Defiant. * screenshot of our progress. My crew has been itching to get down to Dres' surface and explore, and I assure them they will get their chance. But first, I need to: Dock the ore converter with the Defiant. Land the delivery probe at Rosly's whim to collect ore and take it up. Take the three-man lander (myself, one engineer, one scientist) down to the surface after the ore collector's clear of Rosly's Whim I don't want any incidents involving two vehicles in the same spot. Return to the Defiant with a surface sample and scientific data for processing. Either inform Mission Control that's it's more efficient to send three people at a time or one. Mission Control tells me that there's a fourth fleet coming to Dres in about one Kerbal year, and it involves a self-refueling ore delivery module and the Defiant's replacement crew. From what I hear, this crew will start living permanently in Dresden Base while finding other potential landing sites. Personally, I hope Mission Control finally figures out how to build an SSTO to send here; that way, we can explore Dres as we would Kerbin on a plane without the hassle of using a legged lander. I also requested Dres gets an ultimate relay antenna stationed there, as we had an incident where we almost lost our first mini-bus due to a signal loss. To anyone who reads this entry, let it be known that we're paving the way to plant Kerbalkind's feet on other planets - starting with Dres.