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Found 1 result

  1. Craft Manager A replacement for the stock Craft List with Search, Sort & Tagging with (optional) Integration Download Craft Manager Click the link and select your KSP version and KerbalX will give you the relevant download links. Craft Manager requires that KXAPI is also installed (clicking the above link will provide a link for that too) Craft Manager is available through CKAN (the recommended way to install) Docs | KSP Support: [1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x] Source | Bug Reporting | Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Craft Manager replaces the stock craft list in the editors (SPH/VAB) and adds some much needed features. Craft Manager lets you search for craft by name, you can sort the list of craft by various craft attributes and you can assign tags to craft so you can organize them into groups. Craft Manager also is designed to open much faster than the stock craft list, even when you have silly numbers of craft. And of course, you can also upload your craft to KerbalX, download other craft....all from the same interface. Craft Manager provides the same features as the KerbalX mod for posting your craft on KerbalX, BUT KerbalX integration is optional (and disabled by default), so you don't have to be a KerbalX user to use the core features. KXAPI (KerbalX API) is now a required dependency for Craft Manager. KXAPI handles all interactions with You need to have it installed, even if you're not using Craft Manager to connect to KerbalX, this is simply because I don't yet know how to code an optional dependency! Once I figure that out you won't need to install KXAPI if you don't want the KerbalX integration features of Craft Manager. see full details on Full Size Mode Compact Mode You can search for craft, order the craft list and view craft from all your saves in the same KSP install. You can move/copy craft between saves and transfer craft between SPH/VAB and subassemblies. You subassemblies are given equal status and can be searched, sorted and loaded just like any other craft, you can also load a subassembly as a regular craft, or load a regular craft as a subassembly. Clicking on a craft will bring up more info about it in the right hand panel, double clicking will load it and right clicking will open a context menu of various actions. Tags Tag your craft to organise them into custom groups and combine tags to filter craft. For example; tag all your landers as 'Landers' and tag them according to which body they're designed for ie Mun, Duna, etc. Now you can select Landers & Duna and just have your Duna Landers listed. You can also exclude tags (right click on a tag and select exclude) which will hide that tag's craft from the list. There are regular tags (green) which you can manually assign to craft, and there are auto-tags (yellow) which are a bit more cunning! Auto-tags Auto-tags can be given a rule ie, "crew-capacity > 5" and any craft which match that rule will have that tag automatically added to it. In the pics below the autotag with the rule "name start_with 'ct'" matches all my CT-Series craft, and then I can further filter them by selecting another tag ie LKO