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Found 2 results

  1. I always gat an error when running the game, My pc specs are: GTX 1060 (6GB) intel I7-4770 16GB RAM (DDR3 or 4, not sure) the crash raport can be found here: <link> Thanks for taking a look at it ^^
  2. So I've been playing with this mod list for a while now (since 1.3 came out) and I never had any trouble with it. Now every now and again I might have a crash or two but it was never any big deal, but now i'm getting crashes somewhat often when i go and launch a ship. Does not matter how big or small it is, just at random the game crashes. I can do basic modding and debugging and I'm I can figure out most minor problems, but what's really screwing me over is the lack of crash report or dated log that you normally get when you do crash. This has left me stumped because even in the ksp.log I can't find any signs of a crash. Along with this it doesn't show the game crash window saying "oops something went wrong". I'll post my mod list and if you want i'll post the ksp.log too.