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Found 3 results

  1. We have a small problem The seas off of the Kerbal Space Center is getting quite cluttered with spent stages and solid rocket motors that have splashed down into the ocean. Lately some of the higher ups in the research and development offices have had a radical idea: "What if we recovered our first stages?" After so heated arguments with the engineers who said it just can't be done, they have turned to you! The Challenge: Recover the first stage of your rocket (this means SSTO's don't count). You can do this however however you see fit, whether you want to land the first stage on a barge in the ocean, have it glide its way back onto the runway, or do something completely crazy! I want to see your ideas on how to recover a first stage, the Kerbal way. Points for this challenge are awarded as such one point: your craft is able to land its first stage safely two points: your craft is able to land the first stage near the KSC' three points: your craft is able to land the first stage on the runway/ launchpad four points: your craft is able to make the first stage land on the island runway five points: your craft is able to land the first stage on a barge/mobile landing pad you have put somwhere BONUS POINTS you will be given an extra 3 points for each of the following you are able to land your second/third/fourth ect stage/stages as well as your first you land your first stage using only SRBs you land your first stage using propellers you refuel your first stage and have it meet back up with the second stage or whatever stage is in orbit you recovered not only the first stage but any liquid/solid boosters that assisted it Hope to see some cool designs Leader Board 1: sevenperforce 11 points (two for landing near the KSC, 3 for recovering second stage, and considering how he refueled and rebuilt the ship I am giving him 6 points there) 2 3 4 5 -AtomicSnails
  2. CommanderCoye

    Stealth Space Frigate

    I got around to building a really nice ship... But it was too big. So, I made a smaller one, and it looked better than the bigger one! Behold: The DA-SR2!
  3. Been playing the demo, and it is pretty limited, but I wanted to try and do a lunar landing with a rover. Only, there are no wheels in demo. So I had to get creative. First rover test: So far so good... Uh oh. Okay this was a bad idea. Back to the drawing board. Let's make it a bit less explosive. These reaction wheels don't have quite the jazz of jet engines, but they get the job done! I use roll control for forward and reverse. Turning is tricky; you have to use W and A, but since the rover is constantly spinning, pressing W turns different ways based on where you are in the roll. Thankfully, it's pretty slow, so you have time. Seems quite capable. You can even recharge it: Oh, wait, these panels aren't retractable. So once you start to move, they snap off. Guess I'll need to mount them in a better place next time. Figured I'd head for the water to see whether it would float. You can get a bit more speed if you're going downhill. Will it sink or swim? It swims! Not very fast, but it does. It can even recharge in the water without the solar panel snapping off! Though I need to fix the configuration anyway. Off we go! Now to mount this bad boy on a lunar lander. In Demo. This will be fun. EDIT: Fixed those solar panels. They work much better now. Should even give me a little extra boost if I go back in the water.