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Found 1 result

  1. on this page further down i have a post with some pics from a station ring i made some time ago. I had found a part mod with 2.5 and 1.25 of really short length fuel tanks but had a slight angle that made the creation of the station ring very simple and easy. Im still searching the forums and it will probably take some time to find that mod if it is in the forums anymore. If you just take a closer look you'll see those parts between the mk 1 fuselages that the ring consist of. i have no idea how to make a part like that and im wondering if anyone could do it. or maybe someone knows of that mod and can provide me a link? i'll keep on searching the forum but it would be very nice for anyone that likes station rings if someone could make such a simple part (i assume its simple). Curved at various angles like 13 or more , ore less and simple structural parts in different flavous like simple mk1s, mk2s and why not mk3s.