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Found 1 result

  1. Hi fellows! I'd like to share a project I've been working on for a while now. I'd also like to hear your thoughts and opinions on it. The Vehicle is called "EAV4" (Eve Ascent Vehicle for 4 Kerbals). Mods with parts: - Kerbal Engineer Redux - Mech Jeb - Build with Ven Stock Revamp installed, but only stock parts are used, so it should work without the mod) It's pure stock now. Craft File (just the spacecraft) All in one Craft to launch from Kerbin It's goals -in decreasing order- are: - reliability (aerodynamic stabilizers and heatshield seperate cleanly, it doesn't wake the kraken) - ease of use (it's always stable both on reenty and ascent, has a reasonable margin of error and lands on parashutes only) - simplicity (no need of being refueled on the surface, reasonable staging setup, low part count Edit ) - versatillity (it should be able to ascent from anywhere on EVE) - mass-efficiency - low tech level (the aerospike engines and the inflatable heat shield are the highest-tec parts) Had to dump that one - elegance (that's a matter of opinion, I find it rather beatiful) Here is a demonstration of it's capabillities. It's designed to be propulsively captured by a transfer stage and then aerobrake into a circular EVE- Orbit. That's why it has the poodle stage on top. There's a probe core facing the other direction for doing that.