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Found 1 result

  1. Eaten by Black Hole

    Be a ultimate F9 pilot

    I have an challange here Easy-Medium:Land F9 booster to launch pad. Medium:Land F9 booster to launchpad but use E.V.E clouds in 2000m. Hard:Land F9 booster to VAB heliport. Very Hard:Land F9 booster to VAB heliport with clouds in 1000m EXTREME:Land F9 to VAB heliport,use all the visuals(if your pc not strong use enviromental visual enchancements)but use Eve cloud map for Kerbin at 750m.And land at night!! Dont use any autopilot(maybe in extreme) Required screenshots -F9 on Launchpad -F9 on MECO -F9 on Boostback -F9 on landing burn -F9 on landing site Happy launchings!