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Found 1 result

  1. [11 SEP 2017] I started a new GitHub repository that contains the Excel sheet and Module Manager patches. With Tellumo introduced in Galileo's planet pack, the idea of using stock jet engines to escape Tellumo's immense sea level pressures came to mind. I originally wanted to see how my Explodium Engines parts should behave with the thicker air of Eve, but Tellumo and the Advanced Jet Engines add-on let me investigate and test the idea. At least under AJE, jet engines have considerably more thrust in thicker air at the expense of ridiculous fuel consumption. If you wanted to use AJE and GPP together, you could experience this on Tellumo right now. But what about stock jets with stock aerodynamics? This is where extending the atmCurve float curves for jets come in. After recording stationary thrust values for the AJE versions of the stock engines all the way up to 12 kg/m3 air density, I found the stationary thrust curves for those, then extended atmCurves to match. This zip file (274 KB) contains Module Manager patches for the stock jets, an Excel sheet with graphs (no macros, promise), and hacked testing craft that suspend engines on launch clamps as high as 20 km up. Please take a look at these. As far as I can tell, the stock jets will continue to behave normally on Kerbin, Gael or Laythe where the air doesn't exceed 1 kg/m3 by much. Maybe you'd get a slight boost since Kerbin sea level is around 1.14 and the curves are extended beyond 1.0, but flying anywhere above 300 m should be normal. Go to Tellumo or any other world with densities beyond 2 though, and see if the engines rip your craft apart Wile E Coyote style. I'm stuck on the tangent values for the float curves though. I have no idea what these values should be in order to straighten out the curves. Some of them are OK, some of them are a little wavy. But they're not exact matches for the Excel graphs.