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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Just bought and installed KSP. Tried to run it for the first time and the game loaded until it reached the file "Squad/Spaces/mk2InlineInternal/Internal/mk2InlineInternal" and then freezes permanently. I checked the game files and had Steam verify them and it turned out that one of the files failed to checkout and would be re-acquired. Ran the verification again and the whole thing passed. Clicked play again and got the same problem, stuck on "Squad/Spaces/mk2InlineInternal/Internal/mk2InlineInternal". I deleted local content and re-installed the game and the problem continues to persist. Any thoughts? Anyone got a few tricks up their sleeve I might use to get KSP up and running? Version: 1.1.2 Steam, clean install Player.log file: System Specs (screenshot and link to .rtf): Screenshot of hang point: