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Found 1 result

  1. I know how to mod (its easy enough), but could someone please give me some textures (as well as models!). My mod will be called Ackoli space industries, and is mostly a combination of Base parts designed for Permanent bases. The art style I want is Stockalike, but a bit more detailed. These are the parts i want textures for= -ASI-250 Standard inflatable ring module, a 2.5 metre part around as big as the Rockomax X200-16 fuel tank, but inflates into a ring with a 10 metre diameter, and holds 8 crew. Has windows Dotted around the outside of the ring. -ASI-100 Small inflatable ring module, a 1.25 metre part as big as the FL-T200, But inflates to 5 metres. looks like a miniaturized ASI-250, And holds 4 crew. -ASI-420 Large scale inflatable ring module, 3.75 metre part as big as S3-3600 Tank. Looks like a larger, more detailed ASI-250. Holds 16 crew. -Ackoli Algal cylinder. Same size as an mk1 liquid fuel fuselage, Although it Is made out of mostly glass, inside which Green throth can be seen. -Ackoli Drop pod module. A 3.75 Metre Command pod, which looks like a sphere, but with a flat plate (1.25 metres) on the bottom and the top to mount things on. Looks like black metal (carbon fiber), and has a few small windows on it. -Nutrient extraction module. a 1.25 metre Object around the size of the 1.25 m battery. Looks like a grey-ish metal plate with Buttons around it. -Water extraction module. looks like the nutrient extraction module but All the buttons are blue, and there is a symbol of a water droplet on it. -Ackoli grade life-support recycling module. a 1.25 metre object around 3 times taller than the water/nutrient extraction module. Has Many buttons and dials on it. also has A recycling symbol on it. -Small Inflatable habitat module. A radial part, which inflates into a Medium sized Rectangle (with curved edges), with A few windows And straps wrapped around It. -Inflatable greenhouse dome. A Radial part, twice as large as the Small inflatable habitat module, that inflates into a large transparent dome with Shrubs inside it. -Extendable docking port. A docking port that inflates into a tube. -Kerbal entertainment Module, A large inflatable sphere with straps wrapped around it. Has A lot of windows, and fits 4 kerbals. on the interior is a large screen showing a kerbalized super-hero, And A box saying 'toys', as well as some tables and seats. -Space house 3000, A 2.5 Metre part, which looks similar to the hitchhiker module, but the exit is lower down, And Looks metallic. It fits two kerbals, and on the interior is a bunk bed, A box labeled "Space Toys", a table with a packet of chips on it, and a potted plant. Those are all the parts that i cannot texture myself, and need help doing. I would appreciate it if someone helped, and I will give credit. The mod Will also come with a space suit, but i can do that myself. So, please help me make ASI Base systems!