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Found 1 result

  1. DISCLAMER: I DON'T KNOW WEATHER THIS IS ACCTUALY RELEVENT IN THIS SECTION, MODS FEEL FREE TO MOVE OR DELETE IF THIS IS UNSUTABLE FOR THE FORUMS/SECTION this is designed to be the first fully operatable OS in KSP although currently barebones material it is very modifyable through my planned addition of a modular system to add to the code it is entirely built within kOS as an installer and an operatable system. it will have a few planned features like for instance a PEGAS write system that writes code based upon the given values in a format that PEGAS is able to read! the system will add files to your ships/scripts directory upon running the .ks installer file, note as of the next version, you will need to install the required defenitions file which should not change from beta 0.1.6 to beta 0.1.7. it will add a few files for future notation purposes but what it does is it currently allows you to create a user name/password (may be removed upon moderator request) and then run a simple program which displays simple orbital data by pressing AG1 once you have set up the OS and it has completed its OS Note: as of now you have to run the installer then if you log out you need to run the file named "Kerbo_OS_log" to run the installer type into the kOS terminal: "run OS_def." the idea came to me while i was watching a video on creating a computer in Minecraft and i thought to myself well why dont i code an operating system in kOS! so that is what i did (in the future i will put video tutorials here on how to use the system and how to write programs for the system) DOWNLOAD: LICENCE All rights reserved. enjoy the code! I also will work with any developer who wants to do something with this just PM me if you need help! EDIT: before you ask i am crazy. EDIT2: File Viewer will have a command prompt aplication type thing, which will be acceessable also im planning on making the homescreen better for instance replacing the stock completly builtin quick accsess to a one which is changeable also im making good progress on an interpreter which i will also release as separate i am talking about the PEGAS interpreter