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Found 1 result

  1. updated version of my Energia - Buran Space Shuttle since months almost ready with old versions of KSP i had some propulsion problems. is now fixed with excess of power and part clipping how to fly: ~45% thrust for the first stage may be enough separation w.o. throttle otherwise easy to fly with impressive glider capabilities... !! open cargo once for front gear deployment bugfixing !! craft file: Old: working on version for KSP 1.0 (1.02) shuttle seems to be OK, energia lacks on power at least a few pictures are ready .. preview Energia - Buran 1.02 Space Shuttle [Kerbal 1.0] old verion for KSP 0.9 "beta than ever" buran 1.07 craft more cargohold (inspired by vitekc45c`s buran) 501 parts - somehow laggy on my pc howto launch (version 1.06 with ~20t cargo): full throttle till booster strap-off afterwards slightly throttle down till ~40%@35km followed by full throttle orbital-burn with buran main engine`s. ~60% shuttle fuel left for a de-orbit burn and landing (RCS help`s a lot for a soft touchdown) version 1.04 old versions: buran 1.06 craft slightly better wing geometry and some other small changes ... buran 1.05 craft buran 1.04 craft buran 1.03 craft buran 1.02 craft buran 1.01 hermes ariane 5 mk3 hermes craft